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Mitre 10 shows the provinces some love in latest campaign

The campaign produced by FCB aims to celebrate New Zealand’s national game at a grassroots level, as well as Kiwis’ tendency to give each other a good ribbing.

It shows rugby-mad Mitre 10 store owners from around New Zealand wearing their team colours at a match having some friendly banter with owners from rival provinces.

Meanwhile, a tool on Mitre 10’s website called BanterMatic allows rugby fans to come up with an insult or picture to send to a friend in a rival region on social media.

The main message the retailer wants to get across in the ‘We’re from here’ campaign is the fact that’s it 100 percent locally owned and operated retailer.

​Mitre 10 general manager of marketing Dave Elliott says that seeing as each store owner is a staunch supporter of their local rugby teams, it made sense to incorporate them into the ads.

“The genuine passion and pride they have for their province is a core part of who they are, so we saw no better way to support the competition than to have our store owners say it for themselves,” Elliott says.  

“Simply by saying ‘we’re from here’, stirring up some friendly rivalry and encouraging Kiwis to do the same we hope to help the game at this level get even stronger.”

The BanterMatic tool also allows fans to have a voice, he says.

“Kiwis like a bit of good-natured banter – especially where rugby’s involved – and the BanterMatic is an entertaining way for them to do this that we hope will reach Kiwis and rugby fans alike to spread some provincial pride.”

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