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NorthWest Shopping Centre launches online store tour

The function means customers can now explore the different shops, cafes and restaurants available at the mall before they leave their house. 

Instead of having to try locate a store once they get there, they can find one where they’re located and park nearby. The map also has virtual reality capabilities, so the mall can be viewed using a Google Cardboard headset.

‘Content cards’ also pop up when customers click on a specific shop or feature that include information, video and links to the retailer.

NorthWest Shopping Centre manager Simone van Delft says the technology is a first for a shopping centre in New Zealand and is all about making sure customers get the most out of their visits to NorthWest.

“Our customers can view every aspect of the centre in 3D, allowing them to plan their trip in advance, see where stores are located and figure out things like which entrance and parking area is going to suit them best. We look forward to expanding the technology to include stage two of the shopping centre, including new restaurants and retail stores, when it opens at the end of September.”

View the full 3D tour here

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