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Cards Against Humanity founders launch mean fortune cookies

They launched The OK Cookie Company to gift the world “horrible” fortune cookies as a way to promote their new shipping company Blackbox.

Blackbox works by partnering with independent artists to help them to ship products to customers. The founders said it what they wished existed when Cards Against Humanity began.

Some of the messages include: “You will probably die of a heart attack or something”, “You are perfect just the way you are. Maybe a nose job” and “It’s too late to stop climate change”. 

The fortune cookies come in a box of 15 for US$10 each and are easily shipped to a frenemy or co-worker you don’t particularly like very much.

Check it out online here or check out this list about the worst Cards Against Humanity cards to play around family (Caution: NSFW, and not safe for the easily offended).

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