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Digital – it’s in their DNA: Mitre 10’s Dave Elliott on omnichannel

Where is Mitre 10 at with its ecommerce offering? Is most of your range available to buy online?

We’re progressing well and have made a good dent in our journey. A good bulk of our products are online, but there are still more to go. The sheer scale and variation of our range makes it quite a big job, plus we’ve still got many ‘heavy’ items as well as ‘see and feel’ items that people prefer to buy in-store: plants and outdoor furniture, for example. We’ve also got ranges that have regional differences: plants again, but also timber.

A big part of omnichannel is an emphasis on offering a seamless experience across bricks and mortar and web. How is your company tackling this goal?

By spending a lot of time talking to our customers and our teams in-store, and through responding to what people are doing. We’re continuously looking for insights and seeking to understand our customers so that we can offer what is relevant to them. And in doing this, we take a singular view approach to ensure consistency across all touch points.

What kind of in-store features does Mitre 10 have that strengthen its omnichannel offering?

Kiosks, digital signs, radio, our printed catalogues, Easy As guides and video feeds, plus our Home Improvement and Garden Club offerings. And we work to make these seamless.

What kind of voice does your brand use on social media?

At Mitre 10 we believe we’re down to earth Kiwis simply trying to help people improve their homes, and so this is how we communicate with our customers. We’re straight talking but friendly, honest and always ready to help out and have a go.

Which is the most important social media channel for Mitre 10 and why?

At this point in time, it’s Facebook. And that’s because it’s where our customers are, and is a place we can engage meaningfully with them.

This story originally appeared in NZRetail magazine issue 744 June / July 2016

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