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Coveting thy neighbour’s shop: Which retailers do other retailers envy?

It turns out all retailers suffer from a touch of retailer’s envy. We asked retailer people around the country which shops and brands they are envious of and why.

Natalie O’Donnell, co founder of Napier-based vintage clothing store Two Lippy Ladies says she follow Donna’s Dress Shop, based in Kansas, in the US.

“The owners look funky and fun.  What’s not to love about this lady?”

HOWDY! It's Tax Free Weekend so come on by! ???

A photo posted by Donna's Dress Shop (@donnasdressshop) on Aug 5, 2016 at 12:57pm PDT

“Their shop is unique, with heaps of cool stuff all the time. I’m jealous of their giant clothes hangers they have in their window.”

“I think it’s a case of America envy – they are bigger, more stock, higher turnover and yet maintain that independent business vibe.”

Freedom Kids founder Rachel Hansen says she envies clothing label Chalky Digits for their photoshoots – beautiful clothing in Aotearoa scenery.

“We’ve started to do some outdoor photoshoots for Freedom Kids but working with kids is incredibly time consuming to coordinate kids all being well-fed, keeping them clothed and not immediately covering the clothes they are modeling in mud/water/sand challenging! It’s usually only one outfit per session,” she says.

She also admires Lewis Road Creamery for its incredible marketing, and enjoyed reading the story behind their brand.

“I like that they have bought more organic products in to the mainstream,” she says.

Ash Scott, of Organic Ash, who is a small-scale producer of custom-made cakes, says she is jealous of bakeries such as Little and Friday and Tome for their resources and space.

“I really want a massive kitchen mixer and lots of bench space,” she says.

Saben founder Roanne Jacobsen says she loves to fossick in her local stores like fashion boutique Flo and Frankie, lifestyle store Tessuti, homeware store Collected and Redcurrent.

“I also love to support NZ fashion businesses and I love buying local so when I have time I walk the Ponsonby Rd strip and stop at Tanya Carlson, Moochi, Zambesi and a lot in-between.”

Her top six most-envied retailers are: the Dover St market in London; Browns London; Liberty London; Anthropologie in London; Colette in Paris; Merci in Paris.

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