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Crime-prevention software is now free for fuel retailers

The free base-level Auror platform allows single-site petrol stations to report and track crime. Under a new tiered pricing offer, a more full-featured version of the same software will carry an annual subscription fee.

Auror says retail crime costs New Zealand businesses nearly $2 million per day.

“We believe a collaborative partnership between industry and police needs to be underpinned by fast, accurate, and powerful information,” says Auror head of product Tom Batterbury. “We’re transforming how police and businesses work together to prevent and solve crime in real-time, and remain committed to providing the best crime prevention platform in the world.”

Batterbury says introducing free access to Auror for fuel retailers will help remove barriers to information-sharing.

The police offer a variety of business crime prevention advice, including on shop theft. They say professional and well-trained staff are the best deterrent to theft, advising retailers to approach suspects with an offer of assistance: “Thieves feel uneasy when they are approached by attentive staff – it makes them feel that you are aware of their intentions.”

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