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BP’s phone payment ‘brilliant’ for mobility impaired

BP’s new app, which allows customers to pay for fuel without getting out of their car, has been hailed by advocates for those with disabilities. The BPMe app uses mobile payment technology, so customers can pay for their fuel with their mobile phones.

The technology is currently limited to business customers at selected stores, but the retail customer version will be available “really soon”, BP general manager of fuels and marketing Debi Boffa says.

The aim of BPMe is to improve the customer experience, she says.

“Removing the hassle of entering the shop is great for our valued customers who may be in a rush, mobility impaired or have young children in the car,” Boffa says.

“Our friendly store staff will know you’re a BPMe customer when you’re refuelling and, if you wave, they can even pop out and take over if they’re free.”

The app will be “really great” for those with a mobility impairment, according to CCS Disability Action access advisor BJ Clark.

Currently, customers who are impaired have to give a toot at petrol stations to ask for help and pay by cash. The app will make their life easier, Clark says.

“It’s great to see a business or company thinking of those [with a disability]. It’s not just those in a wheelchair, it could be an elderly person – it’s much easier for them to sit in a car rather than walk in and pay,” he says.

“They are to be congratulated. Anything that makes life simpler for someone with an impairment is just brilliant.”

The app is also sure to be useful for mothers who have youngsters in their car, Clark says.

Boffa says BP’s usual policies about mobile phones still apply, and phones should not be used on the forecourt outside of the car.

BPMe also has other benefits, such as creating a digital record of all transactions, remembering usual fuel purchases, and incorporating Wild Bean Cafe and AA Smartfuel loyalty cards.

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