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Fly Buys and Z Energy get rid of paper receipt coupons

Z Energy and Fly Buys announced last week that they will soon be offering direct fuel discounts through a new promotion, ‘Fly Buys Pumped’. The promotion will offer instant fuel discounts on selected days, eliminating the need for increasingly unpopular supermarket receipts.

Beginning August 1, Fly Buys members across New Zealand – numbering close to 2.5 million – will be able to access instant fuel discounts on selected days while still collecting Fly Buys points, simply by presenting their card at Z sites nationwide.

Two of Z Energy’s four integral brand concepts are to improve both the retail consumer experience and consumer partnerships. The new promotion is very much in line with both concepts.

“Z is the most trusted brand in this industry with a very loyal customer base,” says Jane Anthony, general manager of marketing at Z. “It’s important our loyalty offer remains current, easy to use and provides customers with the offers they deserve – in this case customers can still collect Fly Buys points and receive discounts as they are offered.”

Fuel discounts are traditionally most at home on the back of supermarket receipts but the move away from this method is considered a consumer driven one by Z.

“The old paper-based supermarket dockets have been dwindling in popularity, with people telling us they want instant fuel discounts instead. We’ve listened to customers and taken the opportunity to boost New Zealand’s leading loyalty offer with a fast, efficient discount mechanism that’s as simple as swiping your card,” says Anthony.

The company sees instant discounts through Fly Buys as a more sophisticated approach than a blanket discount offer and believe it gives the company the flexibility to tailor its offers and to engage with its customers in a way which works best for them.

However, customers who still enjoy getting their fuel discounts through supermarket shopping will still be able to but will have to visit Caltex branded sites instead of Z Energy.

It’s a busy time for publicly traded Z Energy with the company currently completing an integration of Caltex fuel stations with the Challenge! brand in a deal that saw Z pay Chevron New Zealand $785 million.

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