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Good As Gold goes beyond ‘Employee of the month’

Gold As Gold boutique has come up with a novel way to celebrate its staff – with a high-school-style ‘Class of 2016’ exhibition, where each person is immortalised in a quality portrait. The project was launched with a party and the images are now on display in the Wellington store.

Good As Gold online store manager Sally Shand said the idea came up when Matt Forsman Hair asked if the company would like to run a mini campaign in partnership, with the hairdresser selecting a few of the staff members, styling their hair and sharing the images on social media.

“We work quite closely with Matt Forsman, they do such a great job of styling our models for our weekly photoshoots, we thought it would be nice to give something back to them. We decided to make it bigger and feature all 23 Wellington staff members in a portrait series,” says Shand.

The idea evolved quickly and before Good As Gold knew it, the team was organising an exhibition, she says.

The staff were all pretty happy, says Shand, pointing out that it’s not every day you get your portrait professionally taken.

They had fun with the invite to customers for the in-store exhibition opening on July 8.

“There’s a proper formula for class dynamics at school. You got the cool kids, the nerds, the jocks, the left-wing communist lesbians, the goths, the homies, the well rounded really nice ones that end up ruling the world.

“Each member of our class of 2016 is like a little tightly wound mixture of every trait, like a Picasso painting that proportionally skews due to the pressure of conflicting elements. Works of art. Funny looking masterpieces.”


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