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Gotta catch ’em all: Brands join the Pokémon Go madness

Pokémon Go, the augmented reality game where Pokémon appear in the real world to be caught, has taken the world by storm, with players roaming their cities to search out the Pokémon. As many creatures have been found in businesses, brands have also jumped on the band wagon to share some Pokémon themed fun.

Air New Zealand went on a Pokémon Go mission in the airport and found this creature.

The New Zealand Police reminded players to keep safe while playing.

Australia’s Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services did the same.

Philippines restaurant Chooks to Go shared this image, featuring a layout similar to that of Pokémon Go with a staff member, turned trainer, attempting to catch a chicken.

Inside the Pokémon Go world, landmarks and businesses have become Pokéstops, an where players can collect items to play. They can also be used to attract Pokémon when a player purchases a Lure. This bar/restaurant in North Hollywood was used as a Pokéstop and when a Lure was added it filled with 20-somethings all trying to get some of the action.

Images from: Justin Centre.

Woolworths also got in on the fun to help people find Pokémon in the store.

Australia’s ME Bank shared this encounter with Pokémon. Be careful when getting money out.

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