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The Warehouse wants children to test their toys

The Warehouse is looking for two lucky children between the ages of five to 10 to take on what might be the best job ever conceived. The successful applicants will become “toy testers”, who will play with The Warehouse’s newest toys and show them to other Kiwi kids before they hit the shelves. Talk about peaking early!

Warehouse chief executive Simon Turner says the company recognises that kids are the experts on knowing what children will like.

“It’s clear children take their toys very seriously and our testers can be a great source of inspiration for customers who aren’t sure what to buy,” says Turner.

The Warehouse is inviting hopeful children to upload a short video clip to its website, demonstrating with their toys how they would make the ultimate toy tester.

The Warehouse will carefully select two finalists to embark on the roles; which includes testing toys for upcoming launches and being a part of key campaigns including Christmas.

This comes as The Warehouse launches its great annual toy sale. It has received praise on social media for its marketing around the sale, in particular its choice to depict a little girl playing with a lightsaber and action figures.

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