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My Food Bag introduces a bargain brand extension

New Zealand’s phenomenally popular delivery meal-kit company has rolled out a new brand, Bargain Box, to service customers seeking more affordability. It will be available for customers from June 21, with the first deliveries on July 3.

“There are always challenges in introducing a new brand, but in the case of Bargain Box, we have been very focused on affordability and this has helped us develop a clear vision for what we want to create,” says My Food Bag group CEO Cecilia Robinson.

The concept is similar to the original My Food Bag service, with ingredients and recipes for weeknight meals delivered to your door. The different with Bargain Box is it is especially focused on families on a budget and has options that feed four or six adults.

The average price per plate starts at around $5.30 for a home cooked meal.

The idea is, you know exactly what you are making for dinner, how much it will cost.

and you can cut down on trips to the supermarket which means fewer impulse purchases and less waste.

My Food Bag Co-Founder Nadia Lim says Bargain Box remains focused on helping families cook and eat rogether.

“Dining together helps build stronger families and healthier communities and we want to make it easier for more New Zealanders to provide fresh and tasty dinners for their families. That’s exactly where Bargain Box comes in to the picture.”

On the question of whether Bargain Box poses a risk in undercutting My Food Bag’s other products, Robinson says its more about broadening its offer, rather than replacing any current brands.

Tips for entrepreneurs wanting to get in to this sort of business? “Keep the customer at the centre of every decision you make and have a vision,” she says.

My Food Bag wanted to keep hush-hush on future plans, but says it is always looking at global trends in the food market and believes there are many opportunities to develop.

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