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Kmart comes to the online party. And it’s about time

The people have spoken and they all agree: Kmart needs an online store. We can now confirm that the much loved big-box retailer is indeed going to be entering the online market space in New Zealand.

Kmart has focused heavily on its brick-and-mortar offering with a number of recent in-store refurbishments as well as expanding its presence in the smaller centres with a new store in Bethlehem.

Despite this focus, it is yet to enter the booming online market, a move that people are yearning for. An online petition set up by Paige Taylah Constable has received 3,900 supporters, many of whom are not near a store, although a Kmart spokesperson noted she was unaware of the petition. She was unable to reveal when the online store will go live in New Zealand.

With most of the stores rivals having already successfully entered the ecommerce realm, it is an obvious and overdue move from the retailer. The Warehouse and Farmers are relative online veterans, with Target Furniture entering the market earlier this year.

Big-box retailers like Kmart are beginning to lose relevance, as reported by Havard Business Review, as they fight the fact that people no longer want or need to shop in massive stores with shelves stocked high, preferring the easy to navigate online space with ease, speed, and precision.

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