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Giving customers Hell

Hell Pizza is dishing out pizza by the slice in its new store on Victoria St in central Auckland. That, and its electric new approach to delivery, is sure to satisfy the trending consumer attitude of “I don’t want it later, I want it now.”

The pizza chain has stepped away from its traditional model of whole pizzas with the introduction of pizza-by-the-slice that is ready to eat in under three minutes.

“Pizza by the slice has been on our radar for a while,” says Hell general manager Ben Cumming. “The time feels right for us to pave a new path to Hell for time-poor professionals and late-night snackers who want to sate their appetites.”

The store will provide a launchpad for a number of pizza-by-the-slice outlets around the country.

The offering may seem novel, but in the bustling central city, it follows premium pizza brands like Sals and Il Buco, which are a popular lunch stop for business people and tourists in need of a quick and manageable bite to eat.

The store opening marks the chain’s 69th throughout the country and comes off the back of a successful 12 months that saw it moving to free-range ingredients, as well as adding a new component to its delivery system.

The same Victoria St store has adopted the use of electric delivery bikes, a shrewd move when considering a recent story covered by The Register.

“Our electric bikes are fast in congested areas” said Cumming, “These low-emission vehicles are another way in which we have looked to satisfy customers’ desires in a responsible way, while also improving our speed of service in traffic-heavy urban areas.”

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