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Knockoffs are, apparently, now better than the real thing

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, but some shoppers are still turning to designer knockoffs in search of a bargain. Knockoffs are now widely available online and are showing no sign of falling in popularity.

They’re so big, in fact, that they’re putting pressure on genuine merchants says Jack Ma, founder of ecommerce giant, Alibaba. Chinese-made counterfeit goods have become better than the genuine article, complicating the effort to root out fakes on the country’s largest online shopping services.

Ma went on to say that it’s not the fake products that’s the issue, it’s the new business model.

The model is that of brands using low-cost manufacturing in China. The factories they contract have become savvy over the years and now use the internet – including Alibaba’s platforms – to sell their own goods straight to the consumer. Their products are made in the same factory, by the same people, using the same raw materials.

A lot, however, are not. They’re made in different factories, by different people, with different materials. And you can tell. Here are some real doozies, pictured next to the gowns they were intended to be copies of.

The maker of this dress got the general idea right, but misinterpreted almost everything else – from the length, to the cut, to the nonexistent sequins.

We don’t think these headlights are what the shopper intended to receive at all.

Ombre, schmombre, they’ll never notice the difference.

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