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Ultra-fast broadband enables high-definition security footage

Pharmacist Nai Yeat is using high definition security footage to keep him and his staff safe – and protect his stock. He shared his experience with ultra-fast broadband (UFB) with The Register’s sister publication, The Download.

The pharmacy business can be risky, what with large quantities of drugs being stored on site. I’m always concerned for the safety of my staff, and aware of issues around theft of stock. Once UFB was available in New Plymouth I got my Bell Block pharmacy connected up, and I have installed high definition security cameras. If something were to happen, I have good quality footage which I could give to the police, and with the pictures streamed directly to the cloud, there’s no on-site storage box that an intruder could damage to avoid recognition. I can also download all the footage to my smartphone, if I need to.

As UFB gets rolled out to other areas in Taranaki I plan to link all the pharmacies in the network with video connections, so staff can contact each other. Some pharmacies are quite isolated, so having a video link would mean you wouldn’t feel so much that you were stuck alone in your store. And if you were worried about a particular person and their medications, you could tap into your colleagues’ knowledge.

Video links would also be a good way to have team meetings. At the moment we are using a text-based system but video would be far better.

Until I signed up to UFB I didn’t realise it doesn’t just provide benefits like video, but it’s also much cheaper. My UFB package at Bell Block gives me three phone lines for $50 a month, but at the Inglewood pharmacy, for example, I’m paying up to $390 a month.

This story originally appeared on The Download, a publication produced by Tangible Media for Chorus.

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