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Running a business from the West Coast

Sports nutrition company Em’s Power Cookies is the brainchild of Emily Miazga, former professional multisport athlete, nutritionist, and West Coast of the South Island based business owner. The Register spoke to Miazga about her rebrand, and what it’s like to manage a company with nationwide exposure from a small, isolated community.

Until the rebrand, the product had predominantly been targeting the niche sports market, with its entry into retail grocery stores only happening in the past year.

The entry into this channel and subsequent rebrand came from a marketing exercise that attempted to hone the brands target customer. Miazga sponsored Spring Challenge, a women’s adventure race.

“The majority of women doing these events were super-mums with sporty kids that are consumers in the mainstream market,” says Miazga.

“New Zealand is a small market and up until now the company has grown organically. It’s time to target the household.”

This is reflected by the fact the company has an online store which predominantly provides for already “loyal” customers.

“I don’t push it too much as we want customers to go through retailers.”

As expected, running a small business with products sold nationwide, from such an isolated location, is not without its challenges.

The major hurdles are geographical. Being a smaller business, events and promotions require frequent travel, something that isn’t easy from such a location.

The converse is that freedom and flexibility to live the active lifestyle that the brand has been built on.

With the West Coast traditionally being a hub for primary industries, it’s an interesting and somewhat blank canvas for businesses like Em’s Power Cookies.

Miazga noted that the region is having to reinvent itself and was excited to be moving into a communal office space in Westport. She hopes it will present networking and collaboration opportunities.

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