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Shopper insight will help boost revenue

Insight in to shopping behaviour is crucial in any retail environment – none more so than in the consumer packaged goods sector. The latest research from Nielsen highlights its importance.

Nielsen’s research shows how categories perform against each other. It says brands need to overlay shopper attitudes with purchasing behaviour to find out where there is opportunity.

Some of the main influncers in shopping behaviours are trip drivers, and impulse buys.

Consumers main reason to make a trip to the store was to buy fresh produce, beverages (soft drinks and coffee), milk and eggs, according to the research.

Consumers buy fresh produce and milk in 40 percent of all trips to the store.

Unlike most other fast-moving consumer goods, consumers make a significant amount of trips for speciality items – such as pet products and prescriptions.

“These trips represent an opportunity for conventional grocery and mass stores, which could lead to higher overall basket rings,” says the report.

Within non-food, personal care (women’s shave cream, sun cream, hand soap, toothbrushes) and household care products are the most likely to spark an impulse buy.

Gum, breakfast bars and popcorn have as much likelihood to get picked up by browsing shoppers as deodorants and creams.

Sports nutrition and nutritional drinks are the products with the highest potential to spark an impulse buy, the report says.

“Understanding the degree to which shoppers can be influenced, helps inform which tactical marketing levers retailers can use,” says the report.

The study captured 77,000 purchases among over 28,00 repondents for over 110 CPG food and non-food categories.

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