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Delivery: The importance of the personal touch

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“We wanted to create a site that was easy to use for the customer and streamline our backend processes as well,” says Julia Ford, head of design and sales. “Most importantly, we wanted shopping on kathrynwilson.com to be a personal experience.”

Instore, the high-end service continues right through to the moment the customer walks out the door – the Kathryn Wilson team wanted the ecommerce experience to be the same.

“We felt the order confirmation email was another opportunity to communicate with our customer, and we wanted to speak to them like we would in-store, using Kathryn’s personal voice.”

With some clever back-end coding, the team were able to send a relaxed and personal message to their customers confirming their order from the company’s founder herself. Their courier company, Fastway, uses a Kathryn Wilson-branded email template to replace its standard tracking email.

“We’ve also changed the packaging, so Kathryn Wilson products come in their own, personalised bag with Kathryn Wilson sketches on the side, not the standard Fastway bag,” says Ford. “We include a handwritten note from Kathryn in each order, tie the box with ribbon, and place it in a store bag before it goes in our own branded courier bag”.

In this way the team are able to preserve their own brand image right through to the moment the customer takes delivery, even when using a third party courier.

“We’ve had amazing feedback,” says Ford. “It’s quite a process to unwrap the product and we’ve heard stories about women in offices crowding round desks for the ‘unveiling’ of an order. This is exactly the feelgood buzz we are trying to create.”

This story originally appeared in NZRetail magazine issue 743 April / May 2016

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