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Delivery: Can you deliver this lion?

Whether it’s bridging a gap between your usual courier and distribution centre, or making sure your courier company backs up your own businesses’ sustainable credentials, there seems to be a delivery service for all shapes and sizes.

Stuck.co.nz uses the Freightways network to provide bespoke shipping solutions for unusual or misplaced items. Basically, if something isn’t where you need it to be, or it’s a bit of an odd fish, Stuck will sort it for you.

“We developed the Stuck service to bundle the extensive capability that exists across our group of businesses to enable us to say ‘yes’ to almost any express freight challenge a customer may have,” says Freightways managing director, Dean Bracewell.

Since Stuck launched in 2010, it has delivered a lion from Whangarei to a film set in Cromwell; got a 650kg generator from Auckland to Westport to keep the power on after a storm, and got a key part from Wellington to an Aussie business with a power outage at a weekend. Stuck can also work with your existing freight company to fill a hole. One customer needed her freight collected at 6.30pm for overnight delivery, but her usual couriers couldn’t collect after 5pm. Stuck collected the freight and delivered it to the other courier’s depot to complete the delivery.

Sub60, the point-to-point delivery specialist known for its under-one-hour, inner-city courier service, has also got into the bespoke arena. Its ‘Sub60 Dedicated Services’ arm offers companies the chance to get rid of their fleet and still have vehicles readily available locally and nationally – and all with the benefit of a variable cost model.

NZ Post has launched a new service called BringIt, an express parcel pick up and delivery service which can be operated from your smart phone. It is limited to packages under 25kg that fit into a 500 x 500 x 500mm parcel. You simply need to register your job through the smartphone app, and write the unique code on your parcel. Choose your pick up and drop off point, and the speed of the service, pay at the touch of the button and wait for your courier to arrive.

In the sustainable space, both Kiwi Express Couriers and Urgent Couriers heavily promote their CarboNZero certification. This is a reminder that for some customers, the speed of the delivery is just as important as not damaging the environment on the way.

This story originally appeared in NZRetail magazine issue 743 April / May 2016

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