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Shoppers rejoice as Countdown Ponsonby launches

The just-launched Countdown Ponsonby is truly a reflection of its customer base, boasting 450 products in the health foods and wellness section alone. The consumer buzz it’s been causing is truly something to behold.

The company’s first premium store was opened yesterday by Hon Nikki Kaye, who said it would be a welcome addition to the area. It is the first retailer to open in the $120 million Vinegar Lane and Cider development, with the wider retail development expected to be completed in the coming months.

“It’s fantastic that this new Countdown has resulted in around 100 jobs and the locals are going to love having a new store just nearby,” Kaye said.

As well as its health and wellness section, the  has a deli section with cut and wrapped cheeses, a focus on loose organic produce, and specialist food and wine experts on hand to offer advice.

Countdown managing director Dave Chambers says Countdown Ponsonby is an exciting store for the business.

“Customers can still expect to find our usual products…but they will also get to enjoy the range of new products that have been sourced with our Ponsonby customers in mind,” Chambers says.

The launch of the store sent so-called celebrities on social media in to a bit of a frenzy.

A landmark craft beer day in NZ with Countdown Supermarkets launching their shiny new concept store, complete with a large range of (pretty damn serious) craft beer.

The store is built on the site formally known as the “Sohole”, a building site left derelict and flooded after the collapse of the Soho commercial building. It yesterday attracted protest attention from animal advocacy group Safe, which called for the supermarket to cease selling cage eggs.

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