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In with the free inventory scanner app, out with the pen and paper

A free new app called Counter is set to revolutionise inventory counts for retail store owners, warehouse managers, and stock room supervisors. It made its debut on the iTunes App Store this week.

The app, from the cloud-based retail management system Vend, allows retailers to perform full and partial inventory counts as well as process product deliveries and transfers using Apple gadgets.

It’s as simple as scanning the product barcodes using the device’s camera. The app will record and save the product data from the count into files containing the names, quantities, and SKU information of the merchandise.

Barcodes, product names, and quantities can be edited as you scan, while missing or damaged barcodes can be manually added.

Retailers have the ability to email their counts in a CSV file from the app. From there they can import product data into their chosen point-of-sale, retail management, or inventory system. The app will work with any point-of-sale software, so retailers can start using the app no matter system they’re using.

 “I don’t think I’ve ever met a retailer who enjoys doing inventory counts. They usually involve late nights, long hours, and a lot of errors and backtracking,” says Vaughan Rowsell, founder and chief product officer at Vend.

“Counter provides a way for retailers to speed up inventory counts and reduce human error, plus it’s intuitive and easy to use. We built it because we want to keep finding ways to help retailers succeed.”

We tested Counter out on a copy of NZRetail magazine, with pleasing results:

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