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The Warehouse celebrates 34th birthday by helping Kiwis

Brands normally only make big deal out of major milestones. The tenth, 15th or 20th anniversaries are celebrated with a flurry of fireworks, nostalgic brand ads and bespoke memorabilia. In most instances the years in between pass quietly, seemingly serving as space fillers to the big occasion.

However, this year, The Warehouse has changed things up by throwing a bit of a promotional celebration for its 34th anniversary.

The new campaign by DDB, dubbed ‘Made by Me’, tells the sentimental story of a character named Maui whose love for his tireless mum is too great for a generic birthday card. 

So, rather than picking something off the shelves in a supermarket, Maui creates a giant personalised birthday card—with the help of The Warehouse team, of course.

DDB chief creative officer Damon Stapleton says the campaign ties in with the ‘Get the Bargain Feeling’ campaign launched last month. 
“The Warehouse wanted to showcase the joy we experience when we do something special for the ones we love,” he says.  

“This time, by demonstrating that birthday feeling, we could remind Kiwis just how good it feels to give.”

Warehouse general manager of marketing Lorraine Breheny adds that the campaign also serves an additional purpose in reminding Kiwis of how long The Warehouse has been in business.       

“The ‘Made by Me’ campaign celebrates all those years The Warehouse has been committed to helping Kiwi families celebrate with loved ones,” says Breheny.

DDB kept the production of the film in-house, calling on the team at Maker to pull it together. Additionally, the agency also created an online tool allowing Kiwis to make personalised birthday messages on Facebook walls.

The tool enables users to record a birthday message, upload a photo, customise their card, and post it to the wall of a Facebook friend.

This story was originally published on StopPress.

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