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‘Erotic eggplant’ auction draws eyeballs on Trade Me

A “freshly picked phallic aubergine” for sale is attracting worldwide attention to its uncanny resemblance to a certain part of the human anatomy. The eggplant’s auction is already up to $115, with all of the proceeds going to charity.

Over 590 people have also added the unusually shaped aubergine to their watchlists, while international sites like Mashable have got in on the fun and written stories about it.

The auction description assures viewers it’s “Totally organic, satisfaction guaranteed.”

The unnamed auctioneer told the NZHerald the sale was simply for a laugh, with all proceeds going towards the the New Zealand Prostate Cancer Foundation.

The Q&A for the auction is almost as great as the auction itself. Questions include:

Q: I am also interested in knowing what fertiliser you were using to obtain such a full shaped produce?
A. Lots of tender love and care is all you need.
A. No, it’s quite firm actually! 

Q: Does it come with a curly black wig
A. If the bidding gets high enough I’m sure we can find one
Q: I always wondered why my ex-wife left me shortly before going Vegan…

A. . 

Q: Will this go hard if I keep it in the freezer?
A. Of course! Might be a bit floppy when you take it out though.

Q: Please confirm this will be shipped/delivered in discreet, non-descript plain packaging like a cardboard box. I’ve had some uncomfortable deliveries at work before.
A. Ha I was going to be a see-through arrangement but we will be discreet if required.

Check out the Trade Me auction here.

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