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Burger King takes experiential retail to all new levels by opening burger spa

Ever had the urge to have your pores cleansed while eating a Whopper or a Rodeo burger? Perhaps it’s time you paid a visit to Burger King’s Helsinki, Finland store, where the world’s first burger spa has opened. Its ‘have it your way’ slogan has reached new heights, as customers can eat their greasy fast food in a Burger-King themed sauna and spa. If you’re still feeling like the food hasn’t been washed from your system afterwards, there’s even showers to scrub down in.

The Finns are famed for their love of saunas, so the idea to combine a spa and a fast food restaurant somewhat makes sense. 

But others might view this as taking the ‘experiential retail’ trend way too far. Was there ever a need to both detox and eat Burger King simultaneously? And more importantly, does it steam burger buns or turn them soggy?

Eating fast food does often leave a greasy feeling of regret afterwards, but there’s no word on whether chowing it down in a sauna immediately saps all the bad stuff from your system.

The sauna seats 15, has a 48-inch TV and is described on the website as “perfect for social gatherings or work”, because nothing screams co-worker bonding more than sweating it out in a steaming-hot room in the nude while attempting to eat a Whopper combo together. 

Possibly the best (or worst) part about the sauna and other amenities is that customers can order in. 

Burger King locker rooms

Not bad for a fast food joint. Just don’t drop your burgers.

Is this all your horrible fantasies come true in one place? Probably. However, booking out the place for a few hours doesn’t come cheap – it costs €250 (NZ$415) to have it for three hours.

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