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Slothful people: The hottest new retail market

A pair of Auckland women recently made international headlines after launching a start-up of such simple genius it’s amazing nobody had thought of it before: Morning After Maids. For a fee, the duo provide the lazy and hungover with after-party cleaning services, a cooked breakfast and even cuddles from their dogs. Internationally, retailers are also targeting the bone idle, who seem to be emerging as a key demographic.

UK supermarket Tesco has partnered with automation company If This Then That (IFTTT) to help shoppers streamline their online shopping by keying their orders to other decisions made through IFTTT.

By connecting a customer’s Tesco home delivery account with their IFTTT account, the customer can program rules or “recipes”  to automate purchasing decisions. They can set alerts to have particular items added to their basket when they go on special; have items such as icecream or hot chocolate added if the outdoor temperature rises or falls; have pre-chosen orders repeat on a certain day, and more.

The scheme is a dream for those who suffer from decision fatigue and/or hate shopping, and its benefits for the retailer are obvious.

The obvious next step has already been enacted in Sweden, where a start-up called Infridge will deliver groceries and actually put them away in the customer’s home, too.

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