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Introducing Cyrano, the ‘scent speaker’

The key idea behind the Cyrano is that the scents change as they cycle, so that users continue to notice the new scents. The jar-like device is paired with an app which lets users start or stop different scents and compile playlists.

The first scent collection, ‘Natural Moods’, seems to be more about food and flowers than perfume: think peppermint, coconut, pine and orange ginger, although there’s a “Venetian bellini” in the mix too. Vapor Communications suggests combining the scents in themes.

“Get energy with oNotes of guava, peppermint, then citrus. Get relaxed with the melody of lavender, vanilla, and lilac.”

Founders David Edwards and Rachel Field started the company in 2013, before being joined by a bevy of tech entrepreneurs last year. The Cyrano is about supplementing the overwhelmingly digital experience of modern life, they say: “We began with the idea that our digital lives are missing something fundamental, that we would live healthier, more fulfilled lives, should all of our senses work for us, not just two.  Scent is the most emotive of all sensory signals. Others have tried to bring scent into digital communications. We decided to make it happen.”

Introducing Cyrano from Vapor Communications on Vimeo.

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