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A new doorway to Devonport

Real estate agency JLL says its new development at Devonport Wharf is likely to increase foot traffic in Devonport shops. The company has leased the newly refurbished northern pavilion of the wharf and is soon to open its first tenant, an eatery named Devon on the Wharf.

Retail specialist Chloe Brooks is working with JLL’s head of retail, Chris Beasleigh, and Auckland Transport (AT) on the project, which is part of AT’s new metro retail strategy. Beasleigh says the team drew inspiration from Sydney’s Manley Wharf as it integrates transport with retail.

Devon on the Wharf meets AT’s goal of creating an appealing space for visitors, locals and commuters, he says: “This will be an impressive venue that will draw people to the wharf and ultimately increase passenger numbers for AT.”

Brooks says hospitality is becoming an important part of retail as it entices shoppers into the area. She believes the intended increase in passengers coming across from Auckland central will also flow through to Devonport retailers.

“It’s creating that flow between the current retailers in Devonport and bringing a reason for people to come to Devonport.”

Domestic tourists, cruise ship passengers and central city workers are all expected to come across to Devonport on the ferry. The area is home to a strong small community which AT has worked to nurture, Brooks says.

“[We’re] not taking away from the rest of the township but creating something that’ll feed into it.”

North Shore councillor Chris Darby praised the development as being “a long time coming”.

“Confirmation that our hard work is paying off with a new tenant, new boardwalk and a revitalised doorway to Devonport caps off a long innings for me.”

Fit-out work will begin this month. Devon on the Wharf will open in July, and new retail tenants will be sought for the development at a later date.

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