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Celebrating The Mint Republic’s first year in business

The Mint Republic split from coin and bullion company NZ Mint a year ago to concentrate on its patriotic jewellery line. A year in, new owner Rachel Warren has established a successful online store and grown the company’s retail side both in New Zealand and overseas. She shared some details with us.

How does The Mint Republic’s brand identity differ to its previous identity as NZ Mint Jewellery?
As a part of NZ Mint, the jewellery division was a small component of a large international and predominantly male focused business – in particular with a leaning towards sci-fi fans and precious metal investors given that NZ Mint’s focus was commemorative coins and bullion trading, the jewellery division was often bound by the ideas of a structure that did not participate greatly in the retail industry in NZ. Now as a standalone jewellery business being operated by a team that has a retailer focused energy it is able to truly come into its own as a fashion focused, luxury jewellery company that speaks to women.  
What’s been the most exciting moment for you in The Mint Republic’s first year?
Probably some of the most exciting moments for me have been when we are under the greatest amount of pressure! We completed some excellent custom projects with large NZ companies and it is fantastic to know that we are so highly regarded to be approached for these partnerships.  
Tell us about the interaction between The Mint Republic and your celebrity designers, Boh Runga, Lindi Kingi and Gala Darling. Who handles what in the design and manufacture process?
The Mint Republic and each of its designers collaborate constantly, we are always on the phone, email and catching up discussing and planning our next projects and ranges, unlike many endorsement type situations you see with international jewellery houses, or fashion brands, each of our gorgeous designers are extremely hands on throughout the process of producing a product for manufacture and we consider our process a true collaboration of expertise. Myself and our small team of experts work with each designer, alongside our amazing jewellery factory to produce their high quality designs.

Are you looking to add further designers to the stable?
Growth is a huge focus for us, and we are always on the lookout for the next special partnership.
What, in your opinion, defines The Mint Republic’s overarching design aesthetic?
I think whilst each designer has a very different brand identity, our products are defined by world-class quality production, sophistication, and a luxury experience. 
I understand the website has become an important part of your business. How have you gone about growing that part of the business?​​
The website has become a showcase for our brands; it has created the outward view of what is going on within our business, the growing up, and evolution of a company that is forging its own identity. We spend a lot of time reassessing our look and feel online and making sure it is in keeping with our goals, as well as working on getting our website in front of The Mint Republic customer.
I’m told the site ships internationally. What countries are best represented in your customer base? Is there particularly good growth being seen anywhere?
Interestingly we have a strong US customer base, and we have noted that this leans in the most part to items from our Gala Darling collections. With a large international following, Gala’s designs have a broad reaching appeal. We consistently ship to Australia across all brands, but in particular seem to be sending our most patriotic pieces across the Tasman!
What’s next for The Mint Republic?
We are firmly focused on staying in the top tier the ever growing “designer” jewellery market, keeping our customers and retailers enjoying wearing and selling our products, and delighting anyone who comes into contact with us as a business and team.
Would you ever consider a bricks and mortar store?
As a wholesaler (predominantly) we have never considered a bricks and mortar store, purely as our expertise and focus is on supporting our amazing retailers and helping them to achieve the best results possible with our brands.
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