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How Morepork puts the control back in your hands

Morepork is the latest in smart home technology from Spark, allowing you to monitor and control your security system from a single app on your smartphone. While it’s been designed for home use, rretail owners have found it can easily be used to help them keep an eye on their stores.

One such person is Scott McMillan who, with his wife, Meg owns homeware store Tea Pea in Wellington. When they set out to open a second store they knew they needed an alarm system and found a winner in Morepork.

“We can set it to notify us, and other staff members if we choose, about almost anything to do with the security of our store. If the alarm isn’t set by a certain time, if a door or window is left open or if the alarm is triggered. We can turn the alarm on or off if from the app and peek-in through the camera’s to check everything is okay. It’s peace of mind that everything is as it should be.

“Another big benefit is that my wife will be able to peek in during the day to check how busy the new store is and if they need a hand. She won’t have to call and interrupt staff if they’re with customers, she’ll be able to see it all for herself.

“Now that we’ve found Morepork we’re looking to put it into our original store as well.

“What I like is that it gives the control back to us – as the owners we’re the ones with most to lose so we’re the ones who want to know what’s happening at all times.”

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