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Baby City in trouble over non-compliant cots

The charges relate to two models of cots: the Milano 3-in-1 Sleigh style cot and Milano Phoenix cot. They were sold over 12 months between October 2014 and 2015.

When cots in New Zealand change hands, they must meet specific standards aimed at reducing the likelihood of their causing harm to babies and children. Even secondhand cots being gifted to family members are covered by the standard. The Commerce Commission warns that retailers should make sure their goods make the grade before offering them for sale.

“If you are in business, you should not assume that a cot complies with the standard and regulations simply because it has been offered for supply.

The best way to make sure that the cot complies is to check whether it has already been tested and passed the requirements set out in the standard. Ask to see the test results.”

Testing performed by the Commission found that both Baby City’s Sleigh and Phoenix cots had structural defects: “A potential snag point which could catch on clothing, as well as packaging, leaflet labeling and mattress base marking that did not comply with the safety standard.”

Some cots have a “V” shaped gap between the drop side and rail at each end, Baby City explains, and cracking of the frame around the mattress base supports is also possible.

Baby City issued a product safety notice in January this year, providing customers with instructions on how to fix the defects and more information about the cots. The Commission says Baby City also reported that nobody had been injured or harmed by the cots.

Baby City will appear before the Auckland District Court on May 17. 

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