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Ten feelings every retail worker can relate to

1. When your store’s understaffed and customers keep coming at you like:

2. When a difficult customer’s getting too much so you say “Let me get my manager” and slowly retreat from sight:

3. When your manager calls you to cover a shift and you tell them you have important plans, when really you just stay in bed all day like:

4. When you ask a customer whether they want the receipt handed over or in the bag and they say “Yes”:

5. When a customer is going on and on about what a nice day it is outside:

6. When you say hi to a customer and they ignore you:

7. When you see a customer trying to flirt with one of your co-workers:

8. When the customer asks for the manager, and then your manager repeats the exact same thing you said:

9. When you’re trying to make it out to your lunch break without being stopped by anyone:

10. When an item’s barcode doesn’t scan and the customer jokes, “Well, I guess it’s free then”:

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