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Taika Waititi auctions off Wilderpeople’s clothes on Trade Me

Up for grabs on the buy-and-sell site are Ricky Baker’s aforementioned “skuxx as hoodie”, Uncle Hec’s “Classic Swannie” and Waititi’s original, coffee-stained script for the film.

All of the proceeds from the auctions are going towards Foster Hope, a non-profit organisation that creates backpacks full of essential items for children going into foster care in New Zealand.

The description on the hoodie reads, “Ricky Baker (played by Julian Dennison) is the star of Hunt for the Wilderpeople – the latest film by director Taika Waititi. He’s ok with us putting his hoodie up for auction but says he wants to run it himself. 

You have been warned: he’s a bit of a bad egg! For proof watch his teaser trailer here:

Feel free to ask him any questions. Can’t guarantee he’ll be very helpful though. Also can’t guarantee that he hasn’t spilled tomato sauce all down the hoodie’s front.”

Some of the questions that have been answered by Baker include:

Q. Has it been washed?

A. do I look lyk ur mother ? wash it urself g

Q.  I would love to make a descent offer on this Hoodie if I know u would personally deliver it to Hawera!

A. man ur lazy

Q. When is Rickys book of Haiku going on sale? I would love to have that on my coffee table

A.  my book of haiku makes all the cows go moo poop on my kicks. dumb

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