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Briscoes celebrates big win for its emotive Christmas ad

Tammy Wells, aka the ‘Briscoes Lady’, showed she’s still got it, with the ‘Xmas’ ad, by Ogilvy & Mather, standing out amongst the other Christmas ads to win last year’s November Ad Impact Award and now the ‘Most Impactful ad of 2015’.

Colmar Brunton found the ad had the most impact, calling it: “The most memorable TV ad that packed a punch and had a lasting positive effect on the brand”, according to a release.

It was found to be persuasive as it made consumers feel Briscoes delivered the main things they needed from a homeware store, while Wells was commended for working well with the brand to engage viewers, remaining relevant to Kiwis who enjoy spending time with family and friends.

“The ad evokes an uplifting emotional response from consumers, with a strong sense of brand affinity and appeal created; all helping to build long term brand equity for Briscoes.”

Creating a strong impact, in a slightly different way was Vodafone and FCB, which used a pig named Piggy Sue to charm the judges, who awarded it with the ‘Most Enjoyable TV ad of 2015’.

Colmar Brunton said the story of a lost little piggy successfully embedded itself in the hearts of consumers.


At the time some missed the link between Piggy Sue and the Vodafone brand, the release says, but the consistent use of Piggy Sue in the following marketing activity has overcome the issue and the pig is now a “great branding cue” for Vodafone.

Dulux is also joined the celebrations, with its ‘Marker’ ad named the ‘Most Persuasive TV ad of 2015’ after its October Ad Impact Award win last year.

The ad was found to have had a great response from audiences who enjoyed watching the Myth Busters duo test their inventive abilities to demonstrate how marker pen can be washed off the Dulux Wash and Wear paint range.

The release says the ad was a strong motivator for consumers, leaving them wanting to buy the paint next time they redecorate.

“Not only did the ad deliver on short-term sales likelihood, it also created a strong emotional response too, destined to build brand equity for Dulux in the long term.”

The ad is part of a series in which the duo attempt to scrub paint off a wall and successfully rid it of red wine.

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