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Interior inspiration at Brooks Sports

Brooks Sports is a US retailer based in Seattle which sells products aimed at runners. The 436 square metre headquarters and flagship space it has recently opened is designed to be an extension of an outdoor running trail, and boasts features such as a ‘guru bar’ where shoppers can learn about the brand’s products, a beer garden and a ‘storytelling track’.

Brooks Sports is committed to a high level of sustainability. The new space uses building materials certified to platinum level by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a leading third-party verification for green buildings. It also practices responsible sourcing and has a self-sustaining living green wall, with a 50ft- long overhead steel pedestrian bridge suspended in the middle of the store.

Wood has been used extensively within the store. All the millwork within the store consists of either reclaimed material from old-growth beams salvaged from demolished buildings or wind-fallen logs. The products display walls consist of over 2,500 20cm x 20cm wind fallen cedar squares attached with Velcro. The beer garden tables were custom fabricated out of reclaimed old-growth douglas fir beams.

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