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Yeah, nah bro: Kiwi social shopping website Bargain Bro launches

Bargain Bro launched this month as a side project of founder Gareth McPeake. The start-up functions as a “social bargain sharing noticeboard” upon which users post their best finds. We asked McPeake a few questions about it.

– Tell us about why you set Bargain Bro up.

I wanted to create a platform to make it easier for shoppers to find and share deals and for businesses to promote their bargains to shoppers. Most of us tend to check multiple social media feeds, subscribe to 100s of company newsletters and have to deal with information overload. The site aims to help users deal with information overload and make it easier to find current deals from many companies.


– What market niche does it fill? Is Bargain Bro unique?

I’d say C2C marketing is the primary [niche] and also B2C. Compared to sites like Groupon, 1-Day and GrabOne, Bargain Bro is unique in that any user can submit a deal for others to see.  There is also no requirement for a business to cut prices by 50 percent or pay to advertise on the site.

Bargain Bro doesn’t sell any products – all posts point to the business offering the bargain. Bargains posted can either be direct links to a company website, or an uploaded image taken of a bargain seen in-store.
Bargain Bro also has a focus on bricks-and-mortar businesses. The site has a basic location service with around 90 shopping locations that users can search. These consist of most major shopping centres within New Zealand and local towns that don’t have a major shopping centre. When users submit bargains they can choose if the bargain is available Online and In-store.  For a user this makes it easy to filter deals posted that are related to stores within a shopping location near them.  


– Can businesses post bargains from their own catalogues on Bargain Bro or must this content come from consumers?

Businesses can definitely post bargains from their own catalogues.  

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