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Supermarket selling only food waste opens

A store in Copenhagen, Denmark called WeFood has become the first supermarket to sell exclusively ugly or expired food. The store gets its stock from larger supermarket chains through out the region and sells them at markdowns of 30 to 50 percent. rn

A spokesperson for WeFood said the store wasn’t just for low-income shoppers, but anyone concerned with the amount of food waste produced in the world.

Though some might balk at the thought of food that’s past its expiration date, most are in agreement that it’s still perfectly edible.

This is because most “use by” and “best before” dates are usually just manufacturer suggestions for peak quality days, yet consumers take these labels to mean products are inedible after that date, leading to a lot of edible food ending up in the trash.

This is particularly significant considering WasteMINZ and local councils have found New Zealanders throw out more than 120,000 tonnes of food waste a year.

However, the supermarket doesn’t sell anything that might not be safe to eat. There is no fresh meat stocked in WeFood, and no goods which have passed their ‘last sales’ date.

It also sells ‘ugly’ produce, showing that the stigma against produce that’s not traditionally ‘beautiful’ has also been debunked as of late.

Walmart has begun to sell “ugly produce” boxes in the UK and a French supermarket chain is also selling ugly produce to combat food waste. 

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