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Snapshots from the 2016 Ambiente consumer-goods fair in Frankfurt

Ambiente is the biggest show of its kind in the world. This year, 137,000 buyers from 143 countries attended the four-day trade fair to scout trends, socialise and browse exhibits showcasing everything from cushions to Christmas decorations. The Register editor Sarah Dunn was there.

The 27 exhibition halls at the Frankfurt Messe contail 308,000 square metres of exhibition space. It’s a lot to take in – picture your favourite interiors store, but hundreds of times bigger and more elaborately staged. I walked, and looked, and took photographs for nearly all of the show’s four days and almost never passed the same exhibit twice.

Here’s a selection of the images I shot for our Instagram account. There’s more photographs waiting there – feel free to join in the conversation!

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Sarah Dunn travelled to Ambiente courtesy of Messe Reps & Travel. A full article on Ambiente will be forthcoming in the April / May issue of NZRetail magazine.

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