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Ask your coffee machine for a cuppa using your mobile

Quite often, as I sit in the office and work on The Register, I’ll spare a thought for my dog as she waits at home. If I’m very tired at the time, I’ll occasionally forget the limits of her canine capabilities and consider flicking her a text – “Hello, are you being good? How’s that hole under the porch coming along?” Obviously, this kind of interaction is not yet possible (I live in hope), but for those who love their coffee as much as I love my pup, De’Longhi has created a digital app which lets you get in touch with your coffee machine using your phone.

The Prima Donna Elite is a home coffee maker which controls everything from bean to cup. Using its programmable digital app, consumers can message the machine from their couch to ask for anything from a flat white to hot chocolate. They can even create personal profiles catering for the specific preferences of up to six people.

De’Longhi coffee ambassador Giovanni Infantino rates the Prima Donna Elite as “the best coffee maker released by De’Longhi”. He describes the app as “truly a masterpiece”.

“The design is superb and elegant…they have taken care of every detail. The brewing unit is the most compact and clever unit, self-cleaning and fully removable.

De’Longhi New Zealand marketing manager Davina Gray-Ebbett says the Prima Donna Elite represents the perfect combination of innovative Italian design and advanced technology. She promises it’ll make a café-quality brew.

“It is a true 21st century machine, a stylish bean-to-cup coffee maker that is both simple to use – every beverage at just one touch – and customisable to satisfy even the most sensitive of individual tastes.

Two different versions of the machine will be available in New Zealand from the end of March – Harvey Norman will stock a model with an extra-large display, while the smaller display will be available from other electrical retailers. 

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