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Lewis Road Creamery expands into ice cream

It wasn’t long ago that we witnessed the long lines of people in supermarkets trying to get their hands on Lewis Road Creamery’s (LRC) now infamous chocolate milk.

Two years on and LRC are putting the cream back in ice cream by releasing its first in a soon to be collection of botanically-inspired artisan ice cream products.

The new line of LRC ice cream will be made available through two different high-end ranges: the Lewis Road Creamery Premium Ice Cream and Lewis Road Creamery Artisan Ice Cream.

The Lewis Road Creamery Premium Ice Cream range comes with the promise of “incorporating the finest ingredients” to provide a new spin on the three traditional flavours: Hokey Pokey, Chocolate and Vanilla. Lewis Road Creamery’s Artisan range is a product handcrafted in small batches, with a single variant – Rose – combining “the highest quality, all-natural ingredients blended in a simple process”.

The new ice cream lines, according to Lewis Road founder Peter Cullinane, were inspired by his love for making ice cream that led him to “develope an extra creamy ice cream that would let the quality ingredients shine”.

Cullinane says, “Every dairy brand should have an ice cream and being a creamery ours needs to be the creamiest” a promise that its fans will surely hold him on.

According to Statistics NZ, New Zealanders are amongst the biggest eaters of ice cream in the world, with ice cream accounting for about $1 of every $44 spent on food by New Zealand households.

NZ Ice Cream highlighted the appeal that the ice cream market holds on NZ based businesses, arguing that the high ice cream consumption “is not only a testament to the quality of ice cream produced here over many years, but evidence of a discriminating local consumer base [towards locally made ice cream]”.

Lewis Road Creamery’s attraction to the premium dairy markets is justified according to consumer strategist Colleen Ryan, from TRA (The Research Agency) who says that Lewis Road is tapping into an emerging trend for indulgence.

According to Ryan, following the global financial crisis, New Zealand consumers are finally ready to ease back on austerity and allow premium products back into their lives, especially if they are locally made. This phenomenon was exemplified by the unprecedented success that LRC experienced two years ago for its premium chocolate milk.

Within the premium ice cream niche market, Lewis Road Creamery would be competing with household names such as New Zealand Natural Ltd, Rush Munro’s, Killinchy Gold Ice Cream and Ginellis Ice Cream, all of which produce popular high-end ice cream that is made in New Zealand.

To ensure the success of its soon to be available premium ice cream products, Lewis Road Creamery will hope for another successful marketing campaign.

Cullinane admits that although it is their goal for a repeat, the hype around the LRC chocolate milk was “unprecedented” and he’s not sure it’ll be seen again.

Punters won’t have to wait too long to find out if Cullinane and the rest of LRC hit another homerun, with the ice cream available nationwide from Friday 12 February.

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