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Barbie becomes available in all shapes and sizes

Barbie’s once unattainable looks have been changed by Mattel to be more inclusive in the 21st century. Instead of being impossibly thin, small-waisted, busty, and long-legged, she’s now also a range of sizes: tall, petite and curvy.

Imagination comes in all shapes and sizes, and now, so does Barbie.

This year three new body types will be added to the Barbie empire including petite, curvy and tall.

In a release senior vice president and global general manager Barbie Evelyn Mazzocco said: “Barbie has always given girls choices – from her 180 careers, to inspirational roles, to her countless fashions and accessories. We are excited to literally be changing the face of the brand – these new dolls represent a line that is more reflective of the world girls see around them – the variety in body type, skin tones and style allows girls to find a doll that speaks to them.”

​Many have criticized earlier Barbie’s for portraying an unattainable body type and Rehabs.com brought the issue to light by revealing what a life-sized Barbie would look like.

As well as a change of body type, this years dolls will feature seven skin tones, 22 eye colours, and 24 hair styles.

Barbie hs undergone a number of transformation since her launch in 1959, with last years change including the first flat-foot doll.

Questions have been raised as to whether or not the additions to the Barbie empire will improve sales which, according to The Guardian, have dropped around 15 percent most quarters for the past two years. However, Richard Dickson, president and chief operating officer of Mattel sounds confident. In the release he said: “Her ability to evolve and grow with the times, while staying true to her spirit, is central to why Barbie is the number one fashion doll in the world.”

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