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Australian online experience retailer moves into New Zealand

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The company has been operating in New Zealand for 12 years, but at a far more pulled-back scale than its Australian site.

Recently appointed CEO Nick Baker says it’s the right time to properly take on the New Zealand market.

“We’re now in a position where RedBalloon is moving towards live availability, so we want to appeal to the 1.3 million Aussies who arrive in New Zealand every year,” Baker says.

“This time we have a clear strategy and we’ve employed a local professional with a great depth of experience with New Zealand trade and tourism.

“Having looked at the market from a fresh perspective and scoped out the opportunity, we’re much better positioned to have a go at bringing New Zealand to life.”

RedBalloon’s site’s focus is on experiences, ranging from hot air balloon rides to cooking classes to flying trapeze lessons.

However, it also features a curated collection of products and gift vouchers – which is where retailers can come in.

In Australia, RedBalloon has worked with major retailers including Coles, Woolworths, Big W, Australia Post, Target, Kmart and Officeworks.

Baker says they’re looking for Kiwi suppliers to come on board. Categories on its site products can be listed include creative gifts, indulge and gourmet gifts.

“It’s important to note that we’re not just after the big operators,” Baker says. “We also want to talk to the smaller organisations who cater for specialist experiences or passion areas.”

The RedBalloon New Zealand site has 207 local products featured currently, but the company’s goal is to double this in the next six months.

The company recently reached its goal of delivering two million experiences in Australia and New Zealand by 2015.

The website will also be undergoing a revamp to get it up to speed with the Australian site.

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