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What a $100 doughnut looks like

The doughnut is filled with champagne jelly, glazed with Cristal Champagne and encrusted with 24 Karat gold flakes.

Suprisingly, the most expensive ingredient used is actually the Cristal Champagne rather than the gold flakes. A bottle of the stuff goes for upwards of $300 in New Zealand, according to Glengarry’s site.

The Manila Social Club creation isn’t a basic, sit-in-the-cabinet-all-day doughnut either. The decadent dish is made to order, with a dozen costing the buyer an eyewatering US$1000.

The doughnut was intended to be a special occasion item over New Years, but due to its popularity it’s stuck around for 2016.

So, does this luxury food’s taste match the price tag?

Forbes reporter Katie Sola got to eat one, and had this to say about its flavour:

“It has a texture like an eclair, with flaky pastry giving way to a cool creamy interior. The slices of Cristal jelly add sparkle to the earthy, vanilla flavor of the ube. Once the lucky consumer takes a bite, the rich purple interior is a gorgeous contrast to the shining gold outside.

That said, a doughnut from New York’s top producers like Doughnut Plant and Dough will run you around $2.50. The Manila Social Club golden doughnut is excellent, but it doesn’t taste 40 times better than a Dough product.”

Even if a New Zealand cafe like Little & Friday added this to their range of delicious doughnuts, we don’t know if this kind of luxury item would fly in the Kiwi market.

However, there is definitely an appetite out there for strange food items made to look posh by being sprinkled with gold. There’s also Berco’s Billion dollar popcorn, which contains flakes of real gold. It will set you back $250.

The “Golden Oppulence” sundae at Serendipity 3 in New York also has flakes of edible leaf gold and costs patrons a pretty penny, at US$1000.

If gold-dusted food isn’t tickling your taste buds, maybe just stick with the $3 McDonald’s sundae, or a humble $2.60 Dunkin’ Donut.

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