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Secret shopper: Mike Van de Elzen

What was the last purchase that you were excited about, and why? 

I bought a Huffer shirt yesterday. I like their stuff because it suits my style and people always comment on their gear when I wear it. I also like the fact they are a New Zealand company.

Can you tell me about a retail experience you’ve had that was exciting or interesting?

It’s quite hard to shop at the supermarket after being on TV, people are always looking in my trolley seeing what I am buying. I even had one woman ask me if I could help her with choosing a meat cut, I explained I didn’t work here and she replied, “I know, but I want your help because you are a famous chef!”

What was your worst retail experience?

I don’t like sloppy service in a restaurant, New Zealand needs to lift its game here. Sadly, people don’t see it as a career. Staff turnover would be the biggest issue for the hospitality industry.

Tell me about a purchase that’s solved a problem for you.  

I have bad eczema and a few years ago discovered ecostore products, it’s changed my life. I like there are no yucky chemicals in their products. Who wants that on your dishes and clothes, let alone on your body?

Can you think of any item or service that would be useful to you but doesn’t exist yet?

Two or three more of me would solve so many problems.

What’s an item that you’re planning on buying soon?

[We’re] about to buy our youngest daughter a new bed, she’s out of the cot so no more confined walls keeping her in! They grow up so quickly. 

What’s your favourite store? 

Any hardware store. I’m like a kid in a candy store!

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