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The smartest retail plays of 2015, part one

Ben Goodale

Managing director

JustOne and .99

Topshop arriving on Queen Street has to rank as a real smart highlight of the year – well executed with a premium store location with big impact, a game changer for Queen Street and arguably repositioning other fashion offerings in Auckland. 

Topshop might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s a signal that international brands can come here and succeed, albeit with a small footprint currently.

Little wonder we are hearing a lot about Victoria’s Secret at Auckland Airport, H&M coming to Sylvia Park and David Jones arriving in Wellington. Local retailers need to be on their game to differentiate their brands, with a clear market strategy to drive traffic and developing their product ranges accordingly. 


Valentin Ozich

Founder and creative director

I Love Ugly

The smartest move of the year for us in retail? Each one of our head office members is required to spend at least a day a month in one of our retail locations, to immerse themselves in the culture and understand the consumer better.

It has opened our eyes to a lot of new things which we can then quickly apply to what we doing in head office.


Ed Donald

Senior retail consultant

Real estate firm Bayleys

Our retail sales and leasing team has tracked five smart moves this year:

  1. Click and collect. The more successful retailers who are bridging the gap between electronic online sales and bricks and mortar sales are bringing the best of two worlds together, particularly with the click and collect systems, which save time and alleviate courier costs for the consumer.
  2. Individuality in retailing. This includes the move away from franchise-type models which are very evident in the likes of Britomart in Auckland.
  3. Boom in food and beverage. The ongoing evolution of clustered restaurant precincts, for example. We have seen a movement away from franchised operations and unhealthy fast food chains.
  4. Resurgence in CBD retailing. This is mainly Auckland and Wellington where major international brands are now establishing themselves in the likes of Queen St and Cuba St.
  5. Taking advantage of denser CBD living. Increasing apartment block densification is changing the face of city retailing, particularly for central city supermarkets and domestic supply convenience stores.


Tania Richards


Specsavers Gisborne (2015 Top Shop winner)

I think our smartest move this year, has been to resolve to do our best for every customer regardless.

We could have started charging for little things like putting in new screws or nose pads, but we didn’t – we have continued to do it for free and make peoples’ day with a smile. It has kept people coming back and noticing our service, so long term it will work, and has already really, because we won the Retail NZ award for service.

We have the view that it is the local community that supports our business so we should do what we can to put something back. For example, we provide free eye examinations for children and also free eye exams and discounted spectacles to the local kaumatua in collaboration with the local health authority.

This story originally appeared in NZRetail magazine issue 741 December 2015 / January 2016

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