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Newmarket Business Association lures Christmas crowds with gifts

#OURSHOUT was dreamed up during a team brainstorm, says chief executive Mark Knoff-Thomas. It rewards one shopper at each randomly-chosen Newmarket retail store with a “shout” where the NBA rewards them with a purchase that matches the value of what they’ve just bought.

“You spend some money and we’re going to shout you something else to go with that,” says Knoff-Thomas.

The team wanted a campaign that would be beneficial for as many shoppers as possible, Knoff-Thomas says. He also appreciates that #OURSHOUT has the potential to reward loyal shoppers as well as new customers. Newmarket has a “very loyal, discerning customer base”, many of whom are from the eastern suburbs.

Knoff-Thomas says Newmarket has an average transaction per customer spend of $67.92, which he says is “way more” than most other Auckland business districts.

A few shouts have already been made at Seed Heritage, Augustine International, Nespresso, Stolen Girlfriends Club and others. The Nespresso shout was particularly heavy – the shopper was given an $850 Kitchenaid Nespresso machine.

As this Saturday marks the last Saturday before Christmas, Knoff-Thomas says, the NBA plans to entice customers into doing their last-minute shopping there by spending $15,000 on shouts that day. The campaign has been marketed on the NBA’s website and through social media.

Knoff-Thomas says Newmarket has had an exceptionally good year. In the current financial year, total sales are up by 7.5 percent – the biggest increase the business district has seen since prior to the Global Financial Crisis.

Greater confidence in the economy has contributed to this result, Knoff-Thomas says, but he notes that the NBA has also been marketing the district far more proactively this year than in the past. Speaking about the competitive nature of retail, Knoff-Thomas shares a quote from Kiwi fashion mogul Karen Walker: “Have a point of view or go home.”

“Being innovative and different is the key, and having a point of difference – if you don’t, you may as well not be there,” he says.

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