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Half of New Zealanders are now shopping online

The research by Roy Morgan shows the most common product to be bought on the internet is travel products like accommodation or tickets, with 9 percent of Kiwis buying them.

The next most purchased item is women’s clothing (7.9 percent), tickets to shows, movies or events (6.1 percent) and fast food or delivered meals (6.1 percent).

Following that, books were the next popular, with five percent of Kiwis buying them, while ebooks were slightly less popular at 4.1 percent.

Music downloads (4.7 percent) and men’s clothing (4 percent) also were a favourite with shoppers.

The least popular item Kiwis bought online was supermarket items, at 2.1 percent, underwear, socks and hosiery, at 2.2 percent.

About two-thirds of the shoppers said they only bought from online retailers they know, depending on whether they’re a trustworthy online store or the website of a bricks-and-mortar shop.

Around one in five respondents said they bought only from New Zealand online stores.

ANZ Roy Morgan Research general manager of client services, John La Rosa, says the results show the most common online sales are for non-physical items like tickets, bookings, home deliveries and downloads.

“That is, products with no shipping or that don’t need to be tried on or tested in a bricks-and-mortar store. For many, the internet is now the default channel for buying a travel or movie ticket, booking a hotel room, or ordering a pizza,” La Rosa says.

He said the popularity of buying of clothes, books and cosmetics may come down to price and convenience, but he warned of seeing online shopping as a threat.

“It’s important that traditional retailers stop viewing online as a threat, and instead as an opportunity to reach and appeal to customers in different ways,” La Rosa says.

“Today’s consumers aren’t thinking in terms of online or offline—to them, it’s all just shopping. Retailers therefore need an omnichannel view of their offerings, competition, pricing, service and advertising.”

He noted that the internet isn’t just a sales channel, saying it’s also a way of doing pre-purchase planning before visiting a store.

“Almost half of Kiwis agree they research products or services online before buying in-store, and almost one in three did product research online within the last four weeks.”

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