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Trade Me celebrates its weird and wonderful auctions in light of billionth listing

In fact, the celebrations have already kicked off, with Trade Me publishing a compilation of some of the standout postings that have been uploaded since the inception of the site.   

“We’ve seen our fair share of quirky, crazy and wonderful listings that have brought us this far, and we marvel every day at the eclectic range of things our members punt up for sale,” said Trade Me chief executive Jon Macdonald in a release.

Among the crazy listings in Trade Me’s rundown are a possessed printer, a scary washing machine, a very expensive number plate and a tractor that comes with a free farm.

Given that this is a celebration of the sheer volume of listings on the site, Trade Me has also posted a listing of its own, auctioning the opportunity to be the billionth listing on the site. At the time of publication, the highest bid on the auction was $525, and Macdonald says that all proceeds will be donated to charity.

The Trade Me chief executive also said there were a few other promotions in the pipeline as the company approaches its one billionth listing.  

 “We’re also running a competition to guess when people reckon the billionth listing will land. We’re currently around listing 987 million, so we’re anticipating the odometer will tick over in the next couple of weeks.”   

Check out the full timeline of Trade Me’s listings here.

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