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The store with the skate bowl inside

Co-owner Tim Guy says the skate bowl cost around $100,000.

“Not only is it a functional skateboard ramp, it integrates into the store to create experiential retail for our customers.”

Boardertown designed the skate bowl in-house and brought footwear company Converse on board to sponsor it.

“They flew down the artist, Jacob “Yikes” Ryan, who has painted a mural on the wall behind the bowl,” Guy says. “This is unique for New Zealand – other stores have done in-store ramps but nothing like this.”

Boardertown is confident it’s going to be a hit with customers. A video of the unfinished bowl which was posted on Boardertown’s Facebook page received “likes” from all over the world and more than 75,000 impressions within days.

Boardertown began in 2004 as a neighbourhood skate shop in the eastern Auckland suburb of Howick. It now has two Auckland stores, in Botany and Freemans Bay, and a thriving ecommerce site. The Queenstown store is a significant milestone for the company, says Guy.

“It shows we’ve grown beyond being a local operation into a recognised brand both here and in Australia,” Guy says.

He describes the business as showing consistent growth over time. It has 10 employees currently and will hire another three to service the Queenstown location. The store will open on Friday and host an official opening celebration on December 3.

Besides growing to encompass three sites and significantly expanding the online business, Boardertown has also added a distribution arm to its business and is importing snowboard and skateboard brands from overseas. 

During the next 12 months, Guy says, the Boardertown team will focus on solidifying the business and achieving cashflow projections.  From there, they are planning another two stores in New Zealand as well as an expansion into Australia. The first step towards this will involve further establishing the online business, and gathering data to determine the best location for the first Australian Boardertown.

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