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Turning “Just looking” into “I’m buying”

As a salesperson, hearing this repeatedly can feel pretty demoralising at times. At this point of the conversation you feel cut off at the knees and it can be a hard place to recover from.

Thinking about the sales process, it’s not just that there are eight (or so) steps to follow. We need to follow these steps in sequential order to maximise every customer encounter and skilfully close sales.

The first step in this process is greeting your customer. We cover this in the first level of RedSeed Sales Training, because it’s one of the most important steps in the sales process!

Using the fly-by technique gives you a unique, non-invasive way to greet your customers, which will also improve your chances at closing a sale by increasing the number of sales you can successfully open.

So, if the response mentioned before sounds all too familiar to you, practice the following steps to hone your skills at becoming a skilled sales opener:

Step one: Have something in your hand.

This will give your customer the impression that you are busy with other things and have not lined them up for your next sales pitch. They’ll feel less threatened by you.

Step two: Dont walk directly towards your customer.

Remember that personal space extends much further  in front of a person than to the side or back. You can cross this space or walk parallel, but not directly towards your customer. Also, remember that greeting a customer from behind may not be a successful way to start your interaction.

Step three: Smile, make eye contact and use a greeting.

When you get close enough to your customer, smile, make eye contact and use a greeting. Say “hi” or something appropriate to them, but keep it brief!

Step four: Complete the task that you were on your way to do.

Jumping into the sales pitch too quickly can scare your customer off, or make you come across as pushy. So relax, take a breath, and finish what you were doing.

Step five: Double back and approach the customer.

Make sure that you leave some space between you and the customer so that they feel comfortable. This is when you move into your opening lines and start a conversation with the customer.

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